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❤️Custom Order Policy ❤️

First I would like to thank you for considering us!


  • If you are interested in ordering a custom piece.  Please email us at orders@kisstheartist.art
  • From there we will personally reach out to you to see what you are looking to create and were will discuss price and timeframe.
  • (Note: If there are a lot of orders, the time may be longer than usual if you have ordered from me before) 
  • Colors and style will be confirmed during Consultation and an invoice along with contract will be sent to you before payment is required.
  • PLEASE let me know if you are local (Charlotte NC) or willing to come and pick it up before the consultation is over to avoid shipping cost. 
  • All payment will be don't though the website 
  • Payment must be received before the piece is started.
  • First come/Pay first served.  
  • We keep you updated thought the process. 
  • If you decide to use AfterPay, it is considered paid in full on our end so there will not be a delay in your order because you aren't done making payments. 
  • If there is any delays in us completing your order.  You will be notified.






  • Even if you use the same colors, shape and techniques... it would not come out looking EXACTLY like the other.
  • Yes I can remake any piece but it will not be EXACTLY the same.
  • NO Refunds... Unless there was a mixup or mistake on our behalf.
  • If you order a piece that you have not seen before and you are going by the vision in your head and do not want what you requested because it didn't turn out how you wanted it to.  No Refund.  You may use it as a credit but no refund.  We are not responsible for your vision that we can not see, we will only go by what we originally do (by the samples of previous work) and the color and technique you request. 
  • Customer must provide the colors and the size desired.  To get an idea of what price correlate with what size, go to www.kisstheartist.art.  I do not charge more for custom orders, just by the size. 
  • You will have a final consultation with Alexis.  Due dates will be discussed. 
  • You will be required to sign a waiver before work is started. 
  • CONTACT US by selecting the "Contact Us" purple button at the lower right corner or email us at orders@kisstheartist.art
Thank you!